Are you looking to Implement React Native Animations in your development project?

This article provides in-detail information about the implementation of animations in your React Native project.


Animations are an essential part of a UX of an application. Animations significantly impact the user for a better interaction experience and smoothen the user engagement. Whenever there is an extended functionality to perform, the animation is a great idea to engage users.

Comprehensive Tutorial To Implement React Native Animations.
Comprehensive Tutorial To Implement React Native Animations.

Animation has a movement from the static state to the state of motion for better user interaction. Animations have various transitions to show elements and thus make it enjoyable.

You might be tempted to implement React Native Animations using animated API, and maybe you are searching for how to get started with React Native animations. …

Do you want to have PHP developers for your project?

Get in touch with a dedicated PHP Laravel developers for your project

I hope you are aware that, PHP Laravel is the one of the finest and the most oldest, most used framework of development. So it is obvious that developers across the world use Laravel more then any other programming framework.

laravel trends
laravel trends

You can have a look at above Google search trends data, from that we can conclude that Laravel always remain in trends.

Let us talk about Laravel development

As the most used framework across the world, Laravel has many more things to offer. In such a short period Laravel became the in and out of PHP development.

Get more business for your startup by using PHP Laravel

Make your business graph like it is approaching the sky

These days, start-ups have a tough time rummaging a place in the tech industry. With nearly an app launched on the digital ecosystem every day, it becomes hard to create a unified presence. Competition, no doubt rises, and each of the above necessitates the need to build websites that are both feature-rich and aligned with the industrial norms.

Another question that begs concern is the technology to be used for developing the web application. Majorly for the start-ups, the choice of framework happens to be the deciding developmental factor and requires a great deal of thought. Where Java has reigned…

Are You Struggling To Find Cost Effective Premium Laravel Developers?

Hire Laravel Developers From India To Get The Best Out Of Anything You Have.


Finding a cost effective Laravel developer from India is easy but Finding a cost effective premium Laravel developer is hell hard.

Here are the steps to find a best for your project to get it done effectively.

1. Google Search

2. Make A Note From The List

Do You Wanted to Take Your Business/Startup To The Next Level?

Know the Advantages of Using Agile Scrum Project Management Practices to Boost your Business.

Quick Overview: The blog will take you from Agile methodology and further within its Scrum process of executing things and achieving targets. Learn about the basic understanding of the Scrum process, including the people involved in implementing project management, how they do it, and what they use to accomplish their goal.

This blog will give you a sneak-peak in the Bacanceyer Agile Scrum Project Management methodology. I have tried to convey how we at Bacancy Technology follow the Agile methodology and practice Scrum project management for fast and accurate delivery.


I’m sure that the words ‘Scrum’ and ‘Agile’ are not…

Flutter vs React Native In-depth comparison of React Native Vs Flutter to for the best mobile app development experience.

Comparison of the most used Mobile app development frameworks.

Quick Summary: You are an entrepreneur intending to develop a cross-platform mobile application for your business. You have heard about Flutter vs React Native rivalry and hence not sure which framework to elect.

In this blog, hear out from the cross-platform development heroes themselves as they encounter thousands of pounding tech journalists in a press conference. You will clarify your thoughts and become decisive as you go through the stages of performance, popularity, technical architecture, learning curve, testing, and community support for React Native vs flutter comparison.

Watch out for the comparison of Flutter vs React Native 2021 so whether…

Laravel Vs. ASP.NET : A Detailed Comparison

Compare Laravel and Asp.Net to know Which one is the best framework for Enterprises and Startups.

Quick Summary: Entrepreneurs, here is your ticket to developing your web application for your brand new startup. Clear the confusion between which framework to use: Laravel Vs In this article, we have assembled the categorization and classification of both these frameworks in terms of their speed, performance, scalability, popularity, technical features, and market share.

You need to figure out laravel vs MVC is suitable for your project and you are all set to succeed with your startup. Read and share your valuable feedback on this comparative analysis on asp net vs Laravel.

comparison of laravel and
comparison of laravel and

Preface: Laravel Vs ASP.NET Framework

The most precarious decision to make…


Leverage the advantages of Google’s Flutter M-Commerce app for E-Commerce business.

Flutter: An open-source software development kit owned by Google.

We know that It is used for mobile application development. After the release of Flutter in May 2017, it became the most preferred in developing mobile apps.

Let’s discuss, why Flutter is the king of developing mobile apps, especially m-commerce apps for the e-commerce industry?

Advantages of Flutter

Faster Coding and Writing

Building an application takes time in other technologies, but with Flutter, such is not the case.

  1. Coding here is done quickly and the changes are detected faster.
  2. As we know, flutter supports a hot reload feature, which makes tracking better.
  3. No matter who and when the original code was modified, the change is manifested then…

Homework Before Hiring

You must have an idea of hiring an offshore developer or a team of developers. If not, you must go through research regarding the hiring of an offshore developer.

This will tell you more about what to ask, how to represent your requirements, what you can expect, and many more important things.

Remote Co-operation Models

You must have an idea of remote co-operation models, which means on which basis you wanted to outsource/offshore your project. The model has three main methods.

1. Outsourcing

2.Hire Dedicated Team

3. Extended Team

Hire an In-House Technical Expert

This is an important point in which if you do not have any technical…

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